Party Wall

We can advise you whether or not the Party Wall Act 1996 is applicable in respect of proposed works. Should they apply we can act as your surveyor whether you or your neighbour is carrying out the works

The Act provides a framework to enable works to be undertaken near a neighbours building or land.

Where the Party Wall Act Applies:

  • Party Wall: For example structural works including cutting into, underpinning or raising a shared wall between two semi detached houses.
  • Excavation/Foundations: Excavations lower than the neighbouring foundations within 3m measured horizontally and 6m measured at 45 degrees from your building.
  • New Wall on Boundary: Construction of wall on the boundary line between lands in different ownership.

The Process: Notices are required to be served on the neighbour by the person wishing to carry out the work. These need to be served either one or two months prior to starting the works.

The Party Wall Award is a legal document drawn up by the appointed surveyors and often includes the details of the works, method statements, details of protection, insurance provision, requirement for the person undertaking the works to repair damage to their neighbour’s property should any occur. A Schedule of Condition is usually included. Fees which are usually the responsibility of the person carrying out the works.

Please contact us should you require further clarification.

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